November 23rd, 2008 + 5:11 PM  ·  spoon

Thought I'd drop by the amp and say hello!  Life has been madness lately - my headphones are broken, my computer is slowly turning into a molten pile of plastic, hence my lack of audio reviews.  New music from spoon is on the way though - I'm just taking my sweet time, as usual.

Had a lovely visit with Swordfish and wife in September...I even got to see him play in a parade.  He showed me all the sites of his town in record speed, and fed me fabulous beef and Yorkshire pudding.  I wish I would have had more time to spend there!

There is snow on the ground - and I'm eager to go snowboarding.  I was reading a local entertainment paper, which listed "Educated Guess" as their band for the night.  I thought that I remembered Ed saying he was going to be in Canada sometime...so I went to check it out.  Alas, it was not him, instead I was treated to 70s rock, energetically performed by some local seniors.  LOL!!

I'll try to be around more...I do miss my amp friends!
May 22nd, 2009 + 8:05 PM  ·  EducatedGuess

That is amazing. Haha!

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